Filipe Fernández-Armesto – Change – March 27 2014


Thursday, 27 March 2014 | 5 :00pm | Bronfman Building room 423

Change puzzles pre-Socratics. We have stopped wondering at the mutability of the cosmos, but bicker over cultural change – its volatility and apparent acceleration. Is evolution or something like it responsible? Or does culture change according to a dynamic of its own? The lecturer promises an original resolution or at least an original approach.

Watch the Video (parts one through three) below:

Felipe Fernández-Armesto is William P. Reynolds Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame. His wide-ranging and path-breaking publications include 1492: The year Our World Began (2009), Pathfinders: A Global History of Exploration (2006),Truth: A History and Guide for the Perplexed (1997), Reformation: Christianity and the World, 1500-2000 (1996), and Millennium: A History of Our Last Thousand Years (1995). His most recent work was published earlier this year: Our America: A Hispanic History of the United States (2014). His works have been translated into 27 different languages. Prof. Felipe Fernández-Armesto is the recipient of the John Carter Brown Medal, the Caird Medal of the National Maritime Museum, the Premio Nacional and Investigacion of the Sociedad Geográfica Espanola, Premio Nacional de Gastronomia, and the World History Association Book Prize and Tercentenary Medal of the Society of Antiquaries.

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