How to Edit Posts

To edit your posts, you can begin much the same as when you started to create a new post, the only difference is the process of looking up your own posts from among the many that belong to the site.

Step 1 – As before, a WordPress menu should appear both on top and to the left of the page once you log in. Move the mouse over the “Post” option, and then click “All Posts.”



Step 2 – Once you’ve clicked “All Posts” you should see a screen like the one below, with a list of post titles, names, and dates of posts. To search for your posts, you may either enter your name, or the title of the post under the ‘search’ heading; or alternately you can simply click on a name of any team member in the posts list, and the display will change to show only posts by that author. Both drafts and published posts can be found this way.


Step 3 – Once you find your post, move the mouse over it’s title and you will see four options to click. Most are self-explanatory. Click on ‘edit’ to edit your post.



Step 4 – Once you’ve clicked on this screen, you will enter the same interface you encountered when first publishing your post. There will only be one difference, the button that formerly said “Publish” will now say “Update.” The module attached to this button also tracks your revisions to the post, and you may return to an earlier version if so desired.



Congratulations! You’ve edited a post, see the links below to learn how to read and comment on posts, as well as to re-visit the topic of making a new post.

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