January 27, 2014- OUR FIRST MEETING 2

Dear all- the meeting is coming up, and we need to come up with something solid for the presentation. I have heard back from Ben, our team leader, and have read the things you posted. First of all, let’ start from the basics. How are we going to structure the presentation? Please vote one of the following options:

1. A power point presentation.

2. A 10 pages paper (to be circulated to the attendants at least one week in advance, that is, January 20).

3. Both.

4. Other (e.g. each member talks for a few minutes)

Personally, I would opt for number 3. Once I have received everybody’s response, we can move on and talk business, that is, how we are going to structure it (the ppt, the paper, or both). Please use the “comment” button, so we can manage the thread more easily.

In touch,


2 thoughts on “January 27, 2014- OUR FIRST MEETING

  • Jose-Juan Lopez-Portillo

    Hi Matteo and everyone else, I think that you are right that both a Power Point Presentation and a 10 page paper would be the clearest way to present our ideas.
    All best,

  • Ben Schmidt

    That sounds good to me, as well: some form of writing, along with a PPT presentation. All best wishes,


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