José R. Jouve-Martín


José R. Jouve-Martin is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and Chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at McGill University. He is the author of the books Slaves of the Lettered City (2005) and The Black Doctors of Colonial Lima: Science, Race, and Writing in Colonial and Early Republican Peru (2014). He has co-edited the volumes The Constitution of the Hispanic Baroque (2008), From the Baroque to the Neo-Baroque: Cultural Realities and Cultural Transfers (2011), Contemporary Debates in Ecology, Culture, and Society in Latin America (2011), and Culture Policy and Cultural Markets in Latin America (2013). Jouve-Martín is a co-investigator in the Early Modern Conversions project, where he leads the Cities as Theatres of Conversion sub-group together with Stephen Wittek. The objective of this subgroup is to study the way in which the intersection of Renaissance ideas on urban space and the emergence of modern theatre allowed cities in both Europe and the Americas to become instruments/agents of religious, political, cultural, and psychological conversion in the Early Modern period—sites capable of transforming the beliefs as well as the identities, relationships, and physical and sensory experiences of people of all social kinds. He is working with Stéfan Sinclair on the digital humanities project “Lima as a theatre conversion,” which seeks to offer a visual rendition of the history of conversion in the capital of the Viceroyalty of Peru. He is also currently working on a book proposal entitled Performing Conversion: Urbanism, Theatre, and Transformation in the Early Modern World and has an ongoing book project entitled Sounds of Conquest: Colonial Latin America on the Opera Stage.