Peggy McCracken

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Peggy McCracken is the Domna C. Stanton Collegiate Professor of French, Women’s Studies, and Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan. Her publications include The Romance of Adultery: Queenship and Sexual Transgression in Old French Literature (1998); The Curse of Eve, the Wound of the Hero: Blood, Gender, and Medieval Literature (2003); Marie de France: A Critical Companion (2012; coauthored with Sharon Kinoshita); In Search of the Christian Buddha: How an Asian Sage Became a Christian Saint (2014; coauthored with Donald S. Lopez, Jr.); and In the Skin of a Beast: Sovereignty and Animality in Medieval France (2017). She is currently at work on a project tentatively entitled “Ovidian Ecologies” and that examines translations of Ovid’sMetamorphoses in medieval France.