Amrita Dhar


Amrita Dhar is a PhD Candidate at the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan. She attended Jadavpur and Cambridge Universities before coming to the University of Michigan for her doctoral studies. Her dissertation project examines the early modern continuum from sight to blindness in England from 1564 to 1674: the conversion from sight to blindness, and perhaps one back again. The immediacy and primacy of the physical sense of sight as seen and reflected upon in such generically diverse works as King Lear, the poetry of George Herbert, seventeenth-century medical treatises and religious tracts, and finally, the last great poetry of the blind John Milton, are the main areas of exploration of her thesis. Her work therefore engages broadly with both early modern studies and disability studies. She is also an active traveller of mountains, and coordinates the University of Michigan Mountaineering Culture Studies Group.