Ian Lorenz


Ian Lorenz is currently in the first year of his Musicology PhD at McGill University; he completed an MA in musicology at Brandeis University in 2013. His area of specialization is music and modality in the Renaissance, and his dissertation will discuss mode as an organizing principle and a pre-compositional choice. In October of 2014 he presented a paper at the conference “Johannes Tinctoris and Music Theory in the Late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance,” now under consideration for publication in a book on Tinctoris edited by Ronald Woodley. In July 2016 he will present a paper on Josquin’s Miserere mei Deus at the Medieval and Renaissance conference in Sheffield. At McGill he works as a research assistant on SIMSSA (Single Interface for Music Score Searching and Analysis, a SSHRC Partnership Grant), transcribing pieces of music and helping to establish a dataset for a mode-finding algorithm based upon the pieces in Heinrich Glarean’s Dodecachordon. Julie Cumming is his supervisor.