Videoconferencing Setup

We use the BlueJeans videoconferencing platform to  facilitate  dynamic online collaboration among the team members. While the platform is very intuitive, and does not require any special equipment or complicated set-up procedures, we include the instructions below in case anyone runs into any problems.

  1. To join, open your browser and go to (replace this with the specific meeting URL we send in the email invitation).
  2. Once you enter your name and email address (these are just to identify you rather than to set up an account), you will be taken to the meeting page with 4 different connection options. They are obvious enough — if you are connecting via your browser, select the appropriate option under the ‘Computer’ tab. This will install a browser plugin; if nothing seems to be happening, make sure you have not blocked popup windows.
  3. If you have access to a conference room setup, select the ‘Room System’ tab. There you will find the necessary settings in order to connect your system to BlueJeans. Incidentally, the instructions are: “1) Dial or 2) Enter meeting ID xxxxxxxxx” (again, the latter is to be changed with the number sent in the email invitation).
  4. As there is little chance anyone will be connecting via telephone, we move onto the next option which is ‘Mobile’. If you are connecting with your iPad, iPhone, or android devices, once you select Apple store or Google play, you will be prompted to install the BlueJeans app.
  5. Once you have gone through these steps, making sure that your camera, microphone, and speakers/headphones are on, press the big blue button that says “Enter Meeting.”
  6. If you’re early, you will see a mostly white screen indicating that “You are in the meeting!” with a dark grey side-band showing a live broadcast of yourself. Otherwise, you will see whoever has already logged in. You can click the icons for speakers, video, and microphone to test them out. The icon with the text bubble is for chatting — this could be useful if your microphone is muted during the session and you need to send out a silent message or question.
  7. Click the red icon on the right above your video box to leave the meeting.

If needed, there is further online help on the BlueJeans website.