GSA and UgSA Nominations

Faculty team members are encouraged to nominate as Graduate Student Associates (GSAs) or Undergraduate Student Associates (UgSAs) those students whose research interests connect with the work of the project. Student Associates will normally be, but are not required to be, students whose principal supervisor is a member of the EMC team. Student Associates will have password access to the contents of the EMC Team website and will, wherever possible, take part in seminars, colloquia, and other EMC-related activities at their home institutions. Student Associates are also encouraged to take part in project events and exchange accessible through digital media, online participation, etc., and are encouraged to take advantage of the expertise of the research team and should feel free to ask questions of and discuss their research with any member of the research team. Graduate Student Associates are advantaged because they will normally constitute an important group within the applicant pool for participation in the Summer Seminars, and are eligible to apply for travel funding from the EMC Project to assist with conference-related or dissertation research-related travel expenses.

Project Co-Investigators and Collaborators who wish to nominate eligible students should submit the following materials to

-A letter of nomination

-The nominee’s CV

-A description of the nominee’s work, with particular focus on how it relates to the EMC Project (written by the nominee).

-A short biography of the nominee for the website

-A profile photo of the nominee for the website. The photo should be of reasonable quality, and should not show any more that the nominee’s head and upper body. Blurry and/or unprofessional photos are unacceptable.

All documents should be sent as attachments to (Please do not paste letters into the body of the email message.) Nominations will be reviewed quarterly by the project management committee. The annual nomination deadlines are: 1 November, 1 February, 1 May, 1 August. (Where a deadline falls on a weekend, nominations will be accepted the following Monday.)

GSAs and UgSAs membership will be reviewed annually and are contingent on evidence of continued, active participation in Project activity and on the continued relevance of the Project to the students’ own research programs.  GSAs will also be required to submit annual activity reports each spring. Upon graduation, GSAs and UgSAs will become Project Alumni.