Reading Groups


Reading Groups

Our reading groups combine faculty in disciplines ranging from Art History to Music Technology, from Ecclesiastical Theory to Biomedical Ethics.  The project begins the challenge of grappling with conceptions of conversion beyond our familiar academic boundaries, and broaching new understandings through collective textual analysis. We are continually astonished and inspired by the insights, as well as the light shed on each reading by the variety and breadth of our team members.

See below for a list of each research group. The listing on the left provide a calendar of upcoming reading group meetings.


Click below to listen to and review the material covered in past sessions of our reading groups:

January 13 2014 – Sense of Hearing

January 27 2014 – Spaces of Conversion and Conversion of Space

February 10 2014 – The Soul

February 24 2014 – Mapping Horizons

March 10 2014 – Cities as Theatres of Conversion

March 24 2014 – Digital Humanities

April 14 2014 – Cognitive Ecologies

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