The Changeling — Conversion and Desire

A workshop performance based on The Changeling, written in 1622 by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley.


Presented by the School of Performance at Ryerson University, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, and the Early Modern Conversions Project. Featuring Stratford actors Brad Hodder, Ruby Joy, Tyrone Savage, and Robert King, along with guest participants from the University of Toronto and York University.

Changeling_burning desire waves

How did the state programs of conversion across the early modern world, which coercively reshaped the hearts and minds of Muslims, Jews, Amerindians, and Christians themselves, open up a space for dramatists to create a new, socially transformative theatre? Middleton and Rowley’s brilliant tragedy resituates the crisis of conversion in the dark places of transgressive desire, making visible both the promise and the fatal power of becoming a “changeling,” a being undone by the metamorphosis of both soul and body.

The evening featured performances of key scenes from the main action of The Changeling interwoven with observations and investigations from the researchers.

The Studio Theatre, Ryerson University 345 Yonge St., Toronto (corner of Yonge & Gould) Thursday, March 2 2017, 6PM

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