Ad Hoc Fund

The Early Modern Conversions Project has planned an active program of events at McGill and with Partner sites across Canada, the US, Britain and Australia. Team members are encouraged to participate in the design of these events and to petition for travel support through the Collaboration Fund to facilitate participation in events that are not in their home cities.

Co-Investigators are also encouraged to use their annual research stipends to support additional activity that promote collaboration, exchange, and dissemination, particularly where it may provide GSAs opportunity for professional development.

Exceptionally, the EMC Management Committee will consider petitions for additional financial support of events not already part of the collaboration calendar. Team members should send a detailed description of the planned event that indicates which team members will participate, what the intended outcomes will be, and how it will complement the larger program of team activity. Petitions should also include a detailed event budget. The majority of the cost of the proposed event should be covered through local university funding, smaller grants, co-investigator funds, partnership with other projects, etc.

There is no set schedule of deadlines for the Ad Hoc fund, but petitions for support should be submitted well in advance of the event in question. Documents should be sent to