Commenting on Posts

Sharing ideas and inspiration on the Early Modern Conversions website is not limited to making posts, but users can also comment on the work and ideas posted by other team members. On any blog post you see on this site, there is the interface below which allows you to add your own ideas, suggestions or comments.

Step 1 – Scroll down to the bottom of the post on which you want to comment, use the interface shown below:



As you can see, the interface for commenting is much the same as that for publishing and editing your posts, with a few slight differences. You cannot add images to a comment, but can certainly add hyperlinks. To post your comment, click the “Post Comment” button as shown above. This option is found at the bottom of every post.

Congratulations! Now feel free to browse the site and explore the idea of conversion is all its forms. See the links below to re-visit previous tutorials.

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