Project Travel Policy


The Early Modern Conversions project has budgeted for a good deal of travel for team meetings and project workshops. We have done that because collaborative, interdisciplinary research is more adventurous and productive when it is conducted face-to-face. Funded travel to partnered workshops and conferences will bring our questions and research into substantial dialogue with other scholars at the partner institutions. Since student as well as faculty members of the team will be eligible for funding to take part in the project workshops, the travel program will help integrate graduate students into the research and will contribute to their professional growth as scholars.

We have set guidelines for Project-funded travel in order to make our budgeted funds go as far as possible and do the most possible good. Please retain these guidelines for reference. If you have any questions about the travel policy please ask them of project managers before booking.

Team members must seek approval from Project management for significant changes to travel plans proposed in Collaboration Fund and RTD Fund applications before booking.


SSHRC will only allow reimbursement for economy class air, rail and bus fares. Please book travel at the lowest possible rates. Travel between points A and B must also be direct. Connections en route are permissible, of course, but extended layovers or detours that increase travel time and cost are not. Travel must be directly related to the work it is supporting. Where possible, please choose the least costly form of transfers to and from air, rail and bus stations. Please always provide printed boarding passes.

Receipts must be provided with requests for travel reimbursements. For air, rail or bus travel booked online in advance, please retain the booking confirmation sent to you from the vendor by email. This will need to show the date of purchase and full itinerary as well as proof of payment (usually an indication that fare was paid in full by credit card, with the last four digits of the card provided). The same would apply for train or bus tickets purchased in advance. For train or bus fares paid on the day of travel, please retain the purchase receipt (this may be the ticket itself in some instances). For travel by taxi please ask the driver for a receipt and ask him/her to fill out the receipt in full.

For all team meetings, we will endeavor to book your accommodation for you and thereby take advantage of group rates. For bookings made by team members, please be economical in your choice of accommodation.

In order to keep costs and administrative workloads manageable, we will reimburse team members for meals during periods of travel by way of per diems when the meals are not included in travel or hotel bookings or otherwise provided by event hosts. The McGill per diem rates are currently $10 for breakfast, $16 for lunch, and $28 for dinner within Canada, and $12/$21/$37 abroad.

Co-Investigators travelling on sub-grant stipends should submit reimbursement requests to their home departments and/or institutions. Anyone else travelling on team funds should submit all relevant receipts together with a detailed per diem request specifying date(s) and meal(s) to the address below. McGill-based travellers must also include their McGill ID number. Non-McGill travellers must submit a Reimbursement Claim Form with receipts. All requests must be submitted within 30 days of the last day of travel.  

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